Together we WILL make a difference

Together we WILL make a difference

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Power of Parents

What won't a parent do for their child? Especially the child that fights daily just to function in a world that seems set-up simply to sabotage them. The answer: Nothing. And here is the proof.

I won't even try to retell his touching story. It's all there on his blog and it is A MUST READ. Please pass on his link to family and friends. Perhaps their hearts will be touched and they will contact the CCAC to make a donation. Perhaps it will help his cause and spread some awareness about Autism where it may not have been spread otherwise.

Then I challenge you to ask yourself what are you doing to help spread the word about Autism Awareness? If after your inner reflection you feel your falling a little short, do not fret. We have PLENTY of opportunities for you to participate in spreading te word during April, Autism Awareness Month. How? Well, thanks for asking.
  1. Pie sale deadline has been extended to tomorrow. (This is due to an unexpected lack of pie sales. Make a few phone calls tonight and turn your forms and money in tomorrow. Who doesn't want an Easter pie?)
  2. Invite people to the Kick-off to Autism Awareness Carnival.
  3. Sale tickets to the Pasta Feed. (You can sign out tickets at the CCAC Office)
  4. Pass out flyers to the Strike Out Autism Game and encourage people to pre-buy tickets with the form so the proceeds go to CCAC. (It is opening day for the Grizzlies. That means TONS of fun and even fireworks. C'mon, easy sell right?)

This is my top 4 list,. Check back tomorrow (if I am on schedule) for the next few ways YOU CAN SPREAD AUTISM AWARENESS.

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