Together we WILL make a difference

Together we WILL make a difference

Friday, March 23, 2012

Parent Booster Club Meeting

Saturday, March 24
at 9:00 am
Kremen Building Atrium
(ED Room 54)

We have a small yet dedicated group of active parents that are regularly coming out to the meetings. And to them I say thank you. To the rest I say we miss you.

Some of you may be thinking things like...
  • I haven't been coming and they seem to be doing fine without me.
  • They don't need me there. I have so little to offer.
  • I am too busy to come to meetings.
  • What if I go and get sucked into a gargantuan commitment
  • etc!

Here are my humble replies:

  • We are such an infant organization and making tiny strides toward a long goal. We are anything but fine.
  • No matter what talents and resources you bring-big or small-WE NEED YOU. Alone our voices are meek and lowly squeaks. Together our squeaks unite into a ROAR that gets attention. We can only help our kids by getting the world to pay attention to them. Let's start with our own little corner here in the valley.
  • Schedules and lives are hectic, I know this first hand. Come to as many meetings as you can. No one expects more than you can give.
  • When you do come, only volunteer to help where you are able. The more parents that participate in the Booster Club the more we can accomplish and the less burden each person has to bear.

Okay, I am officially putting my soap box away. You get the point.

See you tomorrow morning (in your PJ's if need be).

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