Together we WILL make a difference

Together we WILL make a difference

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our banner debut

Okay, we survived! The CCAC Parent Boosters carried out a stellar gala a few weeks ago at the Clovis Castle. (You can see how humble I am, right?) I hope you all made it out. I got so wrapped up in planning the event that I completely abandoned this blog. Sorry! I am back and willing to give it a go again. Remember, the purpose of this blog is to keep the CCAC parents connected, active and helping our cause (which is, of course, our kids) in the best way we can. . . together.

So this is just a quick "hello, I am back" shout out! I'm dusting off the keyboard as we speak. I will hopefully be posting pictures from the Gala soon. Keep a look out for those. And to all who turned in pictures and descriptions of your children for the Gala posters, THANK YOU! They were a big hit.

Just a quick announcement before I sign off.

CCAC Parent Booster meeting 

Sat. March 2 at 9:00am 

at the Kremen building 

We need everyone to come out so we can discuss what other sort of fundraisers we want to do. Remember, we are like the PTA for the CCAC. We need a new home, new technology and other supplies as well as a school. These won't happen without a lot of support. Please come lend your support, big or small, expert or novice. There will be childcare provided, but please let the CCAC staff know ahead of time.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

SLEEP-May the odds be ever in your favor.

Insomnia, sickness and racing minds cast aside, sleep can still be the most terrifying word in the mind of an autism parent. I am sure everyone reading this blog knows exactly what I am talking about. The day-the long, hard, day-is done. Dinner has been cooked-even the special second dinner you had to cook for your picky and/or diet restricted kid. It was even served at the table with the family eating together, well mostly together. You had to keep redirecting your child-you know which one-to sit down, on his bum, in the chair. The kitchen is clean-and you even took the extra step of teaching your child to help clear the table-a task made five times as daunting as simply clearing it yourself. Today was especially successful because you even cleaned up the mess that was made while you were cleaning the kitchen. You know, the one your kid made getting into the stuff you thought you had hidden from him but obviously didn't. Tricky smart kid! Bath time. . .happened. 'Nuff said. And this was a relatively easy evening. (We won't even mention the ones that involve cleaning bodily fluids-and not so fluids-off walls and, how that heck did that get up there, ceilings.)

Now with the kids in bed all you can think about is your own pillow. You can even hear it silently chanting your name. But you know, as well as I do, that the games are only beginning at this point. You are a Tribute in the arena of sleepless nights. And your nemesis is your own offspring. If only someone would parachute a good nights sleep to you, just once. But you put your kid back to bed every 5-20 minutes until about midnight. (And if you kid is anything like mine you have to turn the bed right side up again and redress the mattress each time you put him back to bed.) When you are finally convinced he is asleep, you race to bed, eager to capture what may easily be your only window. Then, around 3:00am your kid is up, yep, for the day-and so are you.

While I do not have a miracle solve all solution for this and other problems I can share with you something that has helped tremendously. (And I am not talking about using ratchet tie downs to keep his mattress on the bed.) I am talking about Essential Oils. I use a few drops of Lavender Oil in Bren's bath each night and follow with application of 4 other Essential Oils that aid in calming and soothing. Since I have been using these, it is not uncommon to find Bren asleep by 10:00pm (as opposed to midnight or 1am) and not wake until 5:00 or 6:00am (as opposed to 3 or 4am). There have even been a couple of times I actually had to wake him up to get ready for school. I about fainted on these rare mornings.

I also use oils to help Bren focus, reduce stimming and more. I use these oils to aid in a variety of family health issues from stress and depression to ear aches and tummy aches. If you want to learn more about these oils there will be a class held at the CCAC this week with a guest speaker.

When: Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time: 6:00pm (Child Care Provided)

Where: Kremen Ed Building Room #54

I hope you find these oils a helpful, all natural, non-drug alternative to help your child. See you Thursday!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How Important Is The Future?

There are exciting developments a foot with the CCAC, the Charter School and the Booster Club. All of these developments will affect you and your child. Dr. Adams and I have discussed the need to empower all the parents with this information. Since there is A LOT to talk about, and most of the topics will undoubtedly come with questions, we agreed that the best way to inform everyone would be at a meeting. We as parents can have a strong influence regarding much of these developments, but not if we are uninformed or silent.

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012
9:00am to 11:00 am
ED Room 54 (Kremen Education Building)

Childcare will be provided


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our virtual meeting place

My eyes are burning and the keyboard looks blurry. I guess I better go to bed. But first I wanted to quickly let you know about our online Google Group. This should be a more open communication board. (Let's face it, you are all probably sick of hearing from me. My announcements, my opinions, my endless blathering.) It is a private group so you will need to request an invitation. I felt private would be more appropriate for us as we will hopefully do a lot of planning and organizing and even posting the minutes from our meetings.

But like I said, I am tired. So here is the skinny:

If I have your email address I probably already sent you an invitation to join. If you did not receive an email invite, (please don't cry-we want you there, we just don't have your email) you can  request an invitation. Then check your email. It is that easy. The web address is:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

There is Power in Numbers

I will not bore you with my usual prattle tonight. I am much too tired and ultimately focused. I will speak my mind bluntly and concisely.  Our Parent Booster Club is in its infancy. But we have the potential to be an amazing force for good in the lives of our Autistic children. But right now a small group of parents is deciding the fate and direction of this group.And let me tell you, this group is here to stay. We mean business and we will grow into a strong force and a giant voice.

Do not miss our upcoming meeting. We have some big decisions that require input and VOTES. As a parent at the CCAC you are entitled to a vote. Carve some time on Saturday morning to join us.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Kremen Education Building Room 54

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What now?

Autism awareness month has come and gone. So what do we do now? Rest!

If you are able to sit back and rest than you are probably not a regular reader of this blog. Autism awareness has no end. The world needs to know-deserves to discover-the astonishing individuals surrounding them that makeup "the spectrum". This can only be accomplished when they and we, their parents and loved ones, speak up. But we have another calling, one that tragically gets over looked all too much. In our mad race to help our children progress and grow we sometimes forget to tell our kiddos how great they are. And I am not referring to how I tell my family and friends how amazing Bren is, all the while callously talking about him as if he weren't right there with us. So here is my first, of hopefully many, attempts at redemption.

To all the ASD individuals out there I say be proud of yourself. You are the hardest working people I know. You are the least judgmental people I know. You are the most rewarding people to know. Make an effort to tell the ASD(s) in your life how incredible they are.  Then take it one step further and help us build an even better CCAC for them.

Our next Parent Booster Meeting is just around the corner.

Saturday, May 12, 2012
9:00 am
in ED Room 54

Mark your calender. The 2013 Gala planning has officially begun. And this is going to be our best year yet. But we need help, ideas and resources. 
Here is to hoping you can make it.

P.S. Our meetings are held regularly on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. In May the 4th Saturday falls on Memorial Day weekend. For this reason we are canceling the meeting scheduled for May 26. Have a wonderful holiday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Amazing Things

When amazing things happen, people take notice. What we as autism parents learn is that everything has the potential to be truly amazing. I mean who knew that saying "hi", making eye contact, or trying a new food would be considered miracles?

During this month of Autism Awareness I hope that we take the opportunity to tell the world that while we work our butts off (funny mine still seems ample and healthy) helping our kids, we are grateful for the lessons and the miracles that autism brings. There are countless things I would have journeyed through life and completely taken for granted had autism not commanded my attention. For those wonderful lessons I thank Bren. He is a tremendous teacher and example.

On that same note of amazing things, I am sure you have seen the video Chris made for the Strike Out Autism Game. If you haven't...then you must. It is, simply put, perfect. He, again, did a wonderful job. Pass along the link to family and friends.

Thank you Chris!