Together we WILL make a difference

Together we WILL make a difference

Monday, April 9, 2012

Results on Autism Study make the news

I will not retell the news report. But I will share with you my version. I got a call from ABC30 Action news this morning asking if I would go on camera and share my reaction to a new study coming from UC Davis. The study showed that pregnant women who are obese are 60% more likely to have a child with autism than their non-obese counterparts. I had not read the study but assured the reporter I would before she arrived at my house an hour later.

During the interview I told her I thought it was a little premature, from my read of the study results, to really make any clear connection between the two. I am happy to see research being done but there seems to be more factors in play. I know "skinny"/"healthy" people who have children with autism and "obese" people who have absolutely no children on the spectrum. Anyway, see for yourself.

Watch the ABC Action News report here.

And my last comment is more of a question. Is this really the best news story they can come up with during Autism Awareness Month? I mean in her short visit to my house this morning, the reporter saw Bren use sign language and his iPad to communicate with me at least a dozen times. In my mind he is a much better story to share. I'm just sayin'...

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