Together we WILL make a difference

Together we WILL make a difference

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Comments Please

A family issue pulled me out of town this weekend. I missed the carnival. And I am sad. I am hoping those of you did attend can leave some messages below and let me know how it went. Did the community attend? Did the games go well? What did we learn to do differently next year? What should we do the same?

Let me know.


Chris said...

We went and had a great time. Got there about 1130 and there were already lots of people there. Windy as heck and lots of the games/booths were struggling to keep from blowing away. Looked like the bake sale and t shirt booths did well with sales. The sandwiches were awesome. By the time we left it looked like a couple hundred people had shown up. I'll post pics on my blog for you to see.

Jodie said...

Sounds great. Thank you for sharing. I am anxious to see the pictures. Nice to hear that people came out to the carnival.