Together we WILL make a difference

Together we WILL make a difference

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our virtual meeting place

My eyes are burning and the keyboard looks blurry. I guess I better go to bed. But first I wanted to quickly let you know about our online Google Group. This should be a more open communication board. (Let's face it, you are all probably sick of hearing from me. My announcements, my opinions, my endless blathering.) It is a private group so you will need to request an invitation. I felt private would be more appropriate for us as we will hopefully do a lot of planning and organizing and even posting the minutes from our meetings.

But like I said, I am tired. So here is the skinny:

If I have your email address I probably already sent you an invitation to join. If you did not receive an email invite, (please don't cry-we want you there, we just don't have your email) you can  request an invitation. Then check your email. It is that easy. The web address is:

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